TAC Hoops Winter 2020

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    Monday, February 17
    AHella 3s(4-1)vsPast Our Prime(2-3)7:15 pm
    ATrying to Be In Da Hunt(0-5)vsGreen Machine(4-1)8:15 pm
    D NorthLebanon Turkeys(1-3)vsKyriediculous(0-4)9:15 pm
    Wednesday, February 19
    CGlory Days(4-1)vsFat Mambaz(4-1)7:00 pm
    D NorthNuScool(2-2)vsRandom Act(3-1)7:45 pm
    CThe Drop Outs(1-4)vsHoop Dreams(2-3)8:00 pm
    B3 and D(1-3)vsBall Is Life(4-0)8:45 pm
    CFlat Earth All Stars(2-3)vsPhysically Depleted(2-3)9:00 pm
    Thursday, February 20
    D SouthBrews Brothers(1-3)vsPeeping Night Owls(4-0)7:10 pm
    BOff Constantly(2-2)vs#CoachMolvig(2-2)8:10 pm
    D SouthB Johnson Turf(1-3)vsHome Is Where the Hoop Is(3-1)9:10 pm
    Monday, February 24
    AHella 3s(4-1)vsGreen Machine(4-1)7:15 pm
    ATrying to Be In Da Hunt(0-5)vsPast Our Prime(2-3)8:15 pm
    D NorthLebanon Turkeys(1-3)vsRandom Act(3-1)9:15 pm
    Wednesday, February 26
    CPhysically Depleted(2-3)vsFat Mambaz(4-1)7:00 pm
    D NorthD Leaguers(4-0)vsNuScool(2-2)7:45 pm
    CThe Drop Outs(1-4)vsFlat Earth All Stars(2-3)8:00 pm
    BOff Constantly(2-2)vsBall Is Life(4-0)8:45 pm
    CGlory Days(4-1)vsHoop Dreams(2-3)9:00 pm
    Thursday, February 27
    D SouthKEC Crew(1-3)vsBrews Brothers(1-3)7:10 pm
    D SouthB Johnson Turf(1-3)vsPeeping Night Owls(4-0)8:10 pm
    BEarthbound(1-3)vs3 and D(1-3)9:10 pm
    Monday, March 2
    APast Our Prime(2-3)vsGreen Machine(4-1)7:15 pm
    ATrying to Be In Da Hunt(0-5)vsHella 3s(4-1)8:15 pm
    D NorthD Leaguers(4-0)vsKyriediculous(0-4)9:15 pm
    Wednesday, March 4
    CGlory Days(4-1)vsPhysically Depleted(2-3)7:00 pm
    D NorthLebanon Turkeys(1-3)vsNuScool(2-2)7:45 pm
    CThe Drop Outs(1-4)vsFat Mambaz(4-1)8:00 pm
    BEarthbound(1-3)vs#CoachMolvig(2-2)8:45 pm
    CFlat Earth All Stars(2-3)vsHoop Dreams(2-3)9:00 pm